A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Friday, August 3, 2012

Liesel's dance recital

Liesel's year of dance ended the first weekend of June with the usual dance recital. This year it was a bit different because she was in two dance classes......ballet and jazz. Now that she is older, she no longer takes the ballet/tap combo class. They take individual classes now for each dance. We chose to drop tap because she said she would rather do something else. She has liked jazz a lot. Ballet can get boring to her. I tell her often, in order to be good at something, it can get monotonous sometimes. Holly Springs School of Dance is such a huge dance school, that recitals are in the auditorium in downtown Raleigh. The recitals start on Friday night and go till Sunday night. I think they do about 10 shows the whole weekend. In the past, we have always had her recital on Saturday morning at 10am. I wondered what parents did if their daughter was in multiple classes or they had more than one daughter taking classes. Well I found out very quickly this year. Liesel's jazz class recital was Saturday morning at 10 which seems to be our lucky show apparently. Her ballet recital was Sunday night at 6pm. Needless to say I was not excited about going to two different shows and asking family members to do the same, but it's worth it to watch Liesel dance. I didn't feel too bad after I heard a dad behind me in line who had three daughters dancing that weekend and that he would be at 9 of the recitals. Sheeshhh!!!!! That takes dedication :)
Here is Liesel striking her jazz pose before the recital.
Jensen enjoyed the recital, well actually snack food! LOL It kept him busy. He did great at the Saturday morning recital, but the Sunday night recital was another story that I don't want to think about again. Ugh!!!
Here are pictures of Liesel with the whole family. She was quite the superstar :) Autographs anyone???

Lastly, Liesel is ready to go at her ballet recital. I love how precious she looks (with a side of snazzy) ;)
She did great in both pieces. Very proud of her!!!

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