A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Once again, it has been too long since my last post. Liesel had her last day of school today . It was an awards ceremony and now she is free for the summer!!! (post to follow on that later) So I have been just trying to get her through that. The last few weeks have been exciting.
Liesel went to a Father/Daughter dance we had at our church. Liesel wanted to go pick out a new dress so we went to get her one and the one requirement she had was that it had to "twirl!!!" Every dress she tried on in that dressing room, she tested the "Twirl Factor!!!" One awesome memory that I enjoyed that night was how excited Liesel was to dress up for her Daddy. She wanted to surprise him and not let him see her until it was time to go. I absolutely love my Daddy and know how important a father/daughter relationship is to a little girl. In the book Captivating by John and Stasi Elderedge, it explains how little girls want to know they are lovely. They want their father's attention and love. Watching Liesel prepare, in a sense, to see her prince for the dance touched my heart that night. She waited downstairs for him to come down and told me to tell her when he was there as she was hiding in the guest room. She walked out as soon as he came down stairs and there was a twinkle in her eye. "Daddy, am I lovely????" She did not really say that, but I could see it in her eyes. I was very blessed to have a Daddy who made me feel lovely and now I get to sit on the other end and watch my husband show that special kind of love to his daughter. He told her she was beautiful. She twirled for him and I held back tears as I took many pictures.
Liesel, or should I call her "Miss Priss" enjoys posing for the camera as you can see!
 Jensen is about to turn 8 months old on June 4th. Wow, I cannot believe how fast he is growing up. Knowing that he is most likely my last (wink....) I have been trying to savor these baby moments that go by so fast in the first year because you are so overwhelmed. Even though I have made a concentrated effort to enjoy every moment, it still seems to be moving so fast. He is sitting up really well by himself and he is rolling everywhere. He does not like to be on his tummy, so there has been no attempt to crawl. I wonder if he will be like some babies and never crawl and use some other form of getting around before walking. When he is laying on his back, I look away and he has pushed himself with his feet halfway across the room. Guess I cannot leave him alone anymore!!! A month ago, I was changing out the clothes in his closet to the right season and size. I decided to put him somewhere where he could not get away from me. Looks like I may have to use this method more often. LOL!
Now for Caedmon.....Welcome Back to the "Funny Things Caedmon Berry Says" Show!!! One morning I was putting away clothes in Jensen's room and Caedmon came in to keep me company. As usual, he made up a game we could play right there. He kept asking me these questions and they did not make any sense. If I answered a question incorrectly, he told me that "That was UNcorrect!!!" Even after I told him it was supposed to be "incorrect", he did not change the way he said it. After the end of this game, he was quick to remind me that I got 4 wrong and only 1 right!!!! He also told me that I got "no bonus points" I did not even know I was trying to win bonus points! LOL!! Well, at least one of us was having fun :), At the awards ceremony at school, Craig had given Caedmon his phone to play angry birds on, which by the way he is obsessed with! Half way through the awards the battery on Craig's phone was almost out and Caedmon leaned over me to ask Craig this: "Daddy, did you bring the cord for your phone? It needs to be charged." I think Caedmon thinks that cord will "magically" re-charge the phone whether or not there is an outlet near by. LOL!
Liesel is now officially done with school so I am sure I will have posts more often to come of the fun we will be TRYING to have this summer!!! Please pray for me.....survival with all three kids at one time all summer!!! OH MY!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kids are funny!

It has been too long since I have found the time to sit down and blog. Over the past few weeks, my 34th birthday happened on April 16th and we celebrated Easter. Those are two very exciting things but it also brought with it sadness. 3 years ago on April 16th (my birthday) a student at Virginia Tech University went on a shooting rampage and many students lost their lives that day. Then this year on April 16th, many tornadoes touched down in North Carolina and there was massive destruction all around us. It makes me start to wonder what is up with my birthday? LOL
We were very blessed to have no damage or tornado at our house in Fuquay Varina but we had two tornadoes right around us.....one in Holly Springs and one in downtown Raleigh only 15 minutes away on either side of us. I have to admit that I was not taking any of it seriously. We had plans that day to go have lunch at my favorite restaurant Carrabas. My parents were at the house and we were going to leave at 3:30 as soon as Jensen got up from his nap. My parents kept telling me that there were tornado warnings around and maybe we should reconsider going out. Tornadoes in North Carolina? Right!!!! I have lived in North Carolina since the 2nd grade and the only serious weather I remember was hurricanes. I am imagining a thunderstorm and maybe some small funnel clouds floating through the sky, never touching down. Jensen was up on the second floor in his room taking a nap. I do not even want to think what could of happened had I left them in there and a tornado came through. Mother of the Year Award!!! As soon as our power went out, I realized maybe I should wise up and stop making MY BIRTHDAY the most important thing to me at that time. You see, birthdays are a big deal to me and after 9 years of marriage, Craig has begun to realize that. I do not expect other people to make a big deal, but I expect it from my family. Anyways, back to that day. We did lose power for a few hours and had a thunderstorm but that was it. We would have driven right through Holly Springs to go to Carrabas in Apex. The Lord protected us from being on the road that day. I am grateful for His divine protection. One of my good friends who I see every day because our daughters have taken dance together for three years lives in Holly Springs. She told me how bad her neighborhood was hit and it all just has sunk in how blessed we are. My prayers continue to go out for people in NC and now even more devastation in Alabama and Mississippi because of tornadoes there.

So the title of this post was "kids are funny." I have been keeping a piece of paper going around near my computer and when I think of it, I write down funny things Caedmon says. I wish I had more of what Liesel says but she is at school for most of the day. I hope to keep track of her comments better once she gets out for summer break. Caedmon is so funny and I want to remember these comments for years to come.
1. One day he asked me for a snack and he said "bring something healthy!"  AHHH music to my ears!!! He does listen :)
2. We were playing a monkey game where you had to put a tree together so the monkeys can hang on branches. He said he did not know how to put the tree together because "I can only do it on Saturdays, not Sundays" It was a Monday...LOL!
3. One day he was running between our couches in the Living Room which he loves to do. I tell him to stop often and he does but before you know it he has so much energy, he is doing it again. This time I told him to stop and he said to me "but mom, I am just having so much fun!" Well then in that case....keep running....LOL I did not say that :)
4. One morning I was feeding Jensen while Caedmon was playing Wii Fit Plus. He kept coming to me asking me what his phone number was. Now, you must understand that I was on the second floor and he was on the first floor. I asked him why he needed his phone number and he told me that Wii was asking for it so I started to give it to him. He stopped me and said "one number at a time". So I gave him the first # and he came back up. I then told him the next 2 numbers and told him he could remember two. After four trips up and down he said "it won't let me enter in any more numbers." Now I know I must sound like a strange mom for allowing my son to walk up and down the steps so many times without helping him but ...you know!!!! Once I got down stairs he was not entering his phone number but his waist size and how many steps he took that day. LOL!!! Well the waist size was off but his steps a day may have been a 7 digit number...LOL!
5. We live in a neighborhood right behind Applebees, Kohls, Chick-fil-a and Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins. So needless to say I can get in trouble. Applebees however is at the bottom of my chain list so we have only eaten there as a family maybe 3 times in a year. One afternoon we were sitting at the light next to Applebees and Liesel and Caedmon were asking me why we do not go there much anymore. Liesel said we had not been there in over a year (slight exageration she gets from her momma) and Caedmon said that "We have not been there ALL DAY!!!!!" I love how kids are when it comes to time!
I look forward to many more Caedmon and Liesel sayings :)

Here is the Easter picture of the kids this year: