A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Caedmon!

Caedmon turned 5 years old November 28th and Liesel turned 8 December 10th. I will get to her birthday post when I finally finish with Caedmons. Where does all my time go? Can someone tell me please??? We decided not to do a big party like we did last year. The night of his birthday we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in town with my parents. The waiters came and put a huge sombrero on his head and they sang to him. I thought for sure he would be embarrassed but he looked and smiled at them as they sang. Last Sunday the 4th we invited Scooter, Jeni and the kids as well as his favorite friend from church and his family over for lunch. We had lunch, kids played and we had some cake and ice cream. After all that fun, we all went to the Fuquay Varina Christmas parade. Wrapped the whole evening with dinner out because Jeni's birthday is the 5th. So many birthdays to celebrate :) I did not get my camera out once the whole weekend. I don't really know what I was thinking.
I want to use this post as a trip down memory lane with my sweet son Caedmon. It makes me sad that he is already 5. It feels like he was just born. He is such a fun child and it has been a joy to watch him develop into a smart, kind, joyful little boy!!! He is no longer little anymore :(
I have put together some......(many actually ;).....pictures of Caedmon. I think it is fun to look back.
Here I am 11 days before he was born. He was due December 26th. I had no idea he would decide to make his appearance a month early.
Liesel meeting her new baby brother for the first time.
 I remember looking over at him, realizing something was not right even though the doctors checking him out said he was fine and surprisingly 6 pounds 12 ounces a month early! Call it mother's instinct, but I saw him struggling to breathe and knew he needed help. The nurse gave him a bath after all of the initial tests and agreed with me and said they would take him to the special care nursery to have him looked at further. She told me he would more than likely be right back. This was probably around 8pm. In the middle of the night, a doctor woke me up to tell me that his lungs had not developed enough and he needed oxygen. I was so sad. I never got to hold him. Craig went down there to look at him first so he could prepare me for what I would see. I was just a little emotional! This is the picture Craig took and showed me on the camera.
It could have been a lot worse. He did not need a breathing tube. Praise The Lord! He just needed the extra oxygen in the incubator until his lungs matured some more. He was not allowed to nurse from me, so he had an IV. By the time he was breathing better, he had developed Jaundice and needed to stay under the light. I finally got to hold him 2 days later in his "glow blanket".
He stayed about 4 days in the special care nursery. That was enough for me! He is finally coming home!
Caedmon's first Christmas!
Liesel loved spending time with him.
Good bonding time!!!!!! SLEEP!!!!
Some day they will thank me for taking this picture. HA!

Check out that toothless grin :)
Can you find Caedmon?!?
He was a good nurser. Can you see those fat rolls? Oh My!
Caedmon being dedicated at church with family there to support us!
Caedmon was always where ever Liesel was...... Even if it meant playing dress up with her!
He was so excited to have cake at his first birthday party.
Since Craig likes NC State and I like Carolina, Caedmon wore this once when they played each other. LOL! I wish we still had this outfit for Jensen........
Is that a flower on your head?
That's more like it..........fireman!
He went through this phase where if he saw one of Liesel's headbands, he put it around his neck.......sometimes 2 or 3. Maybe he thought they were necklaces :)
Craig came home from work one day. "Why is Caedmon wearing a princess hat?" At least it is backwards, that makes it more cool right?
I don't remember if he got in there voluntarily or not. Either way, he does not seem to be trying hard to get out...HA! Liesel had her fun with her little brother.
Love it!

He had the worst case of hives one time. :(
"Hey there partner, I think you are in the wrong place."
Very often he had a toy on his head like this. So funny!
This is going to be fun to show to his future wife one day. HeHe!!!!
Now that's the life....Daddy is doing all the work.
I think you are supposed to draw on the paper Little Guy.
He wanted to do whatever his sister was doing.
What a sweet face!
Just like his momma.....loving sweets! "YUMMY!"
His love for books began early. Caedmon was always willing to sit and look at books, especially with Liesel.
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow............
Those are some big shoes to fill Buddy.
Where are you going?
I love this one.
On our Disney trip, Caedmon loved looking at the fish in the Nemo exhibit. Finding Nemo was one of his favorite movies at that time.
Liesel got a lollipop from her teacher at her first dance recital. Caedmon tried so hard to get Liesel to share. He kept saying: "Can I get a lick?"
Loving the ocean......
They really do enjoy being with each other.
.....being silly again!
If you cannot tell by his face, Caedmon was not excited about potty training.
They were too funny hamming it up for the camera.
Love it!
This is beginning to look familiar....HA! I think the class clown has arrived.
Yes, he did actually fall asleep this way.
"I said smile Caedmon, not act goofy."
Great picture.
That Christmas, Caedmon looked at every present carefully before moving on. :)
He was definitely going through his puzzle loving phase. That takes some dedication to continue the puzzle missing half your pajamas. As long as you have that Nemo hat!
He slept with a lot of stuffed animals.
That is a good looking boy!
Easter 2010 - One of my favorite pictures of all time of the kids.
Becoming a gentleman like his Daddy.
Caedmon was ready to go to see Toy Story 3 in the movie theater.
"Now this is the life."

I think I am going to end it right there. What a perfect place to end this look back on Caedmon's fun life. He has been a blessing and I look forward to many more moments to be enjoyed.