A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Monday, November 21, 2011

The past month...........

Wow! It has been a real long time since the lost time I blogged.....over a month to be exact. We have stayed fairly busy but I just have not taken the time to sit down and add some more memories to this journey we are partaking in. So, in saying all that, this will probably be a long entry.
When the weather started getting cool, I was in the mood to take a nice walk around the neighborhood. Caedmon came out of his room with a hat on just like me ready to go. That was sweet! I put Jensen and Caedmon in the jogging stroller. Here is a picture right before we left. Jensen is looking up at his big brother in the cutest way! "Hey, do you know where we are going?"
In mid October we decided to endure the fair again after a break last year. Jensen was just too young to drag him out last year. The weather has been warmer than usual around here. We were walking around the fair in short sleeves. Usually we are freezing. The batteries on my camera failed on me and I only was able to take two pictures. Liesel, Caedmon and Craig went down a slide. We enjoyed the fair but it is a lot of work making sure all 3 kids are happy. If Jensen would only nap in his stroller we might be able to enjoy ourselves even more. Anyways....... Liesel brought some of her own hard-earned money and was allowed to buy her own treats. It was a good lesson for Liesel to learn how much things cost. We all survived the trip. As we were leaving, you could hear us go by though. Caedmon was still crying a little bit because he did not want to leave. Jensen was crying even harder. Yes, meltdowns happen! I kept my cool most of the walk back to the car :) We will try again next year.

One weekend, Liesel pulled out the kid's tent to play with one of her friends. The next afternoon, it somehow managed to find a spot in our kitchen. That was interesting. I decided to climb in the tube that connected to the tent. Liesel enjoyed sitting on top of me. I do not know why! Ha!
Once it was time to get out, it was not pretty to see. Hey at least I gave my family a laugh :)
Liesel made it look like so much fun that Jensen thought about joining her.

Jensen did manage to get in the tube, but stopped in the beginning for a picture perfect moment for Mommy! Love it!

I am usually in search of fun things to do with the kids. I found a recipe for making homemade goldfish. I made a cheese dough, let it harden in the refrigerator, and we were off playing with playdough. Caedmon and Liesel enjoyed making fun shapes with cookie cutters. I have some cute sous chefs in the kitchen.

Here are the shapes before they went in the oven.......
............and after........ all puffed and delicious. They were really good. Caedmon liked them more than Liesel.
Caedmon is very inquisitive and asks me many questions. He often spells words for me so I will tell them what it says. He was playing with some of the cooking supplies and asked me what something spelled. I looked up and he was spelling what was written on the wooden spoon....."Made in China." LOL!
He was getting into the whole "cook" thing. He got so excited, he somehow managed to rip the apron.
Liesel enjoys drawing, coloring and crafts. You will often find my daughter with marker stain all over her hands. She found how to make paper dalamation faces. She was very excited about this since dalmations are my favorite dogs. For a few days, I saw her making dalmations often. I did not realize how many until I started finding them all over the house. That is a big litter :)
Liesel told me one day that God was a really big person. I asked her why and she said because he has the whole world in his hands. Then she was quiet for a minute and came back with "The gate to heaven must be really big so God can get through." LOL!
Liesel received her first report card of second grade a few weeks ago. She did awesome...all A's and 1 B. I am very proud of her.
More Funny Things Caedmon says:
1. He came to my room one day dressed with a cowboy hat and a back pack. I wanted to join in the fun so I said "Hey there partner." Caedmon: "I am not a partner, just a kid going somewhere."
2. He was watching TV with me one morning. I hardly ever take time to watch TV during the day so I must have been very enthralled with what I was watching. Out of the blue, Caedmon said "Is there an end to this?"
3. Caedmon: "When I run mom, my feet kick my butt!" :)
4. Caedmon is very busy during the day making up games and things to do. He told me to come watch him in his room. He had some great ventions to show me. I told him I thought he meant inventions. He still calls them his ventions!
5. He put a box on his head and acted like a robot to make Jensen laugh. I ended up laughing when he took off the box and repeatedly explained to Jensen not to worry because he really was not a robot.
6. Caedmon set up a play store for me to come buy stuff in. He told me to wait to come in because he was making it clean and healthy....LOL!!! That is music to his momma's ears. I don't know how you make a store healthy, but I am all for that.
7. Jensen was walking with his walker the other day. After he was done from all that hard work, Caedmon told him "You can do better. We will hit the gym tomorrow." For a minute I was confused but Caedmon explained to me how in Wii boxing the "mean person" as Caedmon calls him says that when you don't box the best you can. He is too funny!
We will be busy the next few weeks. Liesel and Caedmon are both having birthdays on top of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This should be fun!