A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fashion Show

It could be because we had just bought new wardrobes for Spring and Summer at the consignment sale, OR it could be because Craig was still in the honeymoon phase with the new camera, OR it could be that Liesel loves to model clothes, either reason (all three) the kids (mainly Liesel) modeled the new clothes one Saturday evening for us. We had a fashion show. Liesel was in her element and boy does she ever love to pose! :)
Liesel Emily Berry's first piece is a ruffled blue sundress perfect for The 4th of July!
What beauty and joy radiating from her face!
Ready to start the day, Liesel is confident in this fun skirt and adorable top!
With this outfit choice, we see a young lady ready to skip thru a meadow! That is funny! Is this Little House on the Prairie? She does have an innocent look about her :)
"I'm sassy and I know it!"
Liesel's energetic personality truly adds to this bubbly outfit!
My beautiful flower child!
Liesel has an extra bounce in her step, which is good because she is ready to party!
Surprise! "I am ready for fun!"
On a more serious note........NY Fashion Show here I come! Strike A Pose!
Caedmon wanted to join in the fun! I love his boyish charm!
A MarchingWe Will Go!!!!
Sweetness Overload!!!! "I am handsome and I am too cool to admit it!"
What photogenic kids I have! They are a joy to look at and be with! LOVE!!!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Chapel Award at Wake Christian

Every Wednesday of each week Wake Christian has chapel.. Each teacher picks two students they feel has shown Christ-Like character. The parents are called to come to chapel that week to see their child receive the award. The students do not know they will be receiving the award. I always enjoyed going to watch them receive the award. This year was more special because we were able to go twice. Caedmon received his award in November and Liesel was in January.
Here are pictures of Caedmon's time to shine. Mrs. Sauls reads to everyone what the teacher said about the student. It is very special!
Mommy is proud!
Now it is Liesel's turn!
I love the sweet expression on Liesel's face.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas 2012

Today is the beginning of me catching up on this blog. I have gotten VERY behind on writing here....a little over a year to be specific. It makes me sad because blogging about our lives and the wonderful memories we have is extremely important to me.
Here it goes......after Liesel's 9th birthday party we took our second trip to Disney. This was Jensen's first trip ever. We had a blast and it was wonderful. I have decided to not write about it here (yet) because there is SO much to write about. I made a photo book and I hope that it will help us remember all the fun we had. Not to mention, we went again in September (yes, that is 2 times in one year)! I somehow convinced Craig that we should get one more trip in while Jensen was still free and Liesel was still considered a child. Disney starts charging adult prices at the age of 10. Crazy huh? I know it is because she is tall enough to ride every ride but my 10 year old was not brave enough to ride every ride......Enough Said!!!! So we did not take any trips all summer and saved again for one more time to Disney. My parents came on this trip and I plan to write about our experiences from both trips when I get to that point of my catching up.

So......this blog is about our Christmas in 2012. Seems too long ago but I do remember some things thanks to pictures.....HeHe!
We got back into town from Florida Dec 22nd or 23rd. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning brunch with my parents. Christmas morning was strange for the kids because we had told them that their present(s) this year was the trip to Disney. They only had stockings to open. We ate good food, opened presents with my parents and of course showed them plenty of pictures from our trip. The kids were beyond excited to tell them everything they got to do while we were there.

While the presents were being opened my sweet Jensen was getting in some serious cuddle points with his Mommy! I loved it, but I think a lot of it was due to how tired we all were recuperating from the trip.
Liesel was being Miss Sassy! She sure can strike a pose.
Jensen was still at that age where he was excited about everything he opened.....even a movie he probably knows nothing about. :)
Caedmon was happy with a game of course! In the background, Liesel was crossing those arms as if it was unfair. Kids!!!! Check out the poked out lips :(
I think I am saying: "Woo-Hoo, I survived Disney!"
Dad loved his Yankees book.
It was a great time with Mom and Dad! Off to visit Craig's family. Christmas afternoon we traveled down to Charlotte to see Frank and Alisa's new home. They were hosting Christmas dinner and they did an awesome job. Before we left our house, Caedmon had to pose with his Lego Advent Calendar. He put together a Lego item every day in December. He even took it with him to Disney. Job well done C-man!
The kids were ready to open gifts from Frank and Alisa. Alisa, you have their undivided attention!
Once again, Jensen is smiling about a present. HeHe!
Before we left Charlotte, we stopped in to see Bethany and her family. At this point, it was becoming very clear that Jensen had come down with something and was not feeling well. That might explain the extra cuddle time with Mommy! Must have been all the nasty germs at Disney! He had a fever and I was not looking forward to driving another hour to Craig's Dad's house. It was a rough night. He was so miserable as you can see from this picture taken the next morning. The other kids were ready to open presents but Jensen just wanted to stay near Mommy.
In spite of it all, Jensen still managed to muster a smile for the camera. He was SO great getting his picture taken back then........even under the weather!
I love the anticipation of the kids as they read the names on the presents!
Are you excited Caedmon? LOL!
A pretty necklace for a pretty girl:
I saw someone at a UNC game wearing a shirt I thought was funny and oh so perfect. I must have mentioned it to Nolan and Janice because they got me one. I absolutely LOVE it!!!....I ONLY CHEER FOR TWO TEAMS CAROLINA AND ANYONE PLAYING DUKE.....Coming from DUKE fans, I am impressed!
The next day Jensen was feeling better. Maybe it was because he was on the Ipad. HA!
It was time to open presents at Sandy and Jim's house. Jensen was happy as a clam! Back then, his nickname should have been Smiley!
.......The kids with Memmaw and Pappaw
At the Berry Family gathering, we got all the kids together to take a picture. Jensen tilting his head like that is too funny :) LOL!
Craig's Aunt gave the kids scarves and hats she made. Jensen is too precious!
So many pictures have been about Jensen because the older two have lost interest being cute for the camera. Enjoy it while you can right? Plus, when they do stuff like this, how do you pass up taking a picture?!? "I can't see!"
Caedmon was pretty cute also because he kept his hat and scarves on after trying it on. Guess he thought it was a great fashion statement for this group picture. HA!
Have I shown any picture's of Jensen's cute smile yet?
Jensen....what are you thinking about?
Jim is super fun to be around even if he is making fun of me. "I have cake and you don't. It's all GOOD!"
.....The kids with Mammaw Berry........
......Mammaw Berry and her three kids.........
Fun with Opa!!!!
A Jensen and Janice hug!!! Sweet!
We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of memories and definitely plenty of cute pictures of the kids.........especially Jensen! HeHe!!!