A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fashion Show

It could be because we had just bought new wardrobes for Spring and Summer at the consignment sale, OR it could be because Craig was still in the honeymoon phase with the new camera, OR it could be that Liesel loves to model clothes, either reason (all three) the kids (mainly Liesel) modeled the new clothes one Saturday evening for us. We had a fashion show. Liesel was in her element and boy does she ever love to pose! :)
Liesel Emily Berry's first piece is a ruffled blue sundress perfect for The 4th of July!
What beauty and joy radiating from her face!
Ready to start the day, Liesel is confident in this fun skirt and adorable top!
With this outfit choice, we see a young lady ready to skip thru a meadow! That is funny! Is this Little House on the Prairie? She does have an innocent look about her :)
"I'm sassy and I know it!"
Liesel's energetic personality truly adds to this bubbly outfit!
My beautiful flower child!
Liesel has an extra bounce in her step, which is good because she is ready to party!
Surprise! "I am ready for fun!"
On a more serious note........NY Fashion Show here I come! Strike A Pose!
Caedmon wanted to join in the fun! I love his boyish charm!
A MarchingWe Will Go!!!!
Sweetness Overload!!!! "I am handsome and I am too cool to admit it!"
What photogenic kids I have! They are a joy to look at and be with! LOVE!!!!

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