A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easter 2012 and Maryland/DC trip......

Spring in the Berry house has really flown by. I cannot believe that we are already into May. We have been busy, so that might have something to do with it.
Caedmon and Jensen are keeping me on my toes while Liesel is at school. Jensen is now running everywhere he goes. When he runs his little cheeks bounce up and down. It is so cute! He loves to "explore"...........that is a nice way to say: pulling things out of drawers and throwing in trash cans, unrolling toilet paper rolls, putting things in toilets, throwing toys, taking things out of the dishwasher, etc. I don't know if Jensen is more active than Liesel and Caedmon were as toddlers or is it just because I am older and have two other kids. HA! I am much more tired this time around. There is never a quiet moment in our house. Caedmon and Jensen have a sweet brotherly relationship. Just recently I have been able to watch them interact together in love......well.........that is after they wrestle. :)
Here is a cute picture I took when they had matching shorts on. I did not plan for them to have matching shorts. I am not that organized! I buy their clothes at consignment sales. I had bought Caedmon's pair last summer. My friend Jeni has been giving me her son's outgrown clothes and there happened to be a pair of the same shorts in the pile. So needless to say, I had to take a picture. I just wish I had a "little bro" shirt for Jensen.
This is one of the things Jensen does in his free time.....
Liesel received the "Chapel Award" at school for showing Christ like character. We were very proud of her.

I managed to get some decent shots of the kids this Easter. As I have said before, it is now much more difficult to get all three kids looking and smiling at the same time. Either way, they are still precious.

I always need a good picture of Liesel and I. Great picture!
Jensen is truly a "Momma's Boy!"
After looking through all the pictures, I realize I never got one of Caedmon and I. OOPPS! Next time, I will have to make it up to my little guy. I guess this awesome one of Craig and the boys will have to suffice :)
Jensen sat down for a few moments so I could not resist. I think it is even sweeter with Liesel looking on.
So there you have it, some great pictures from Easter 2012 to cherish.

For Easter Sunday lunch we got together with some of our great friends at a park for a potluck picnic. All the kids had an egg hunt. It was fun. When we got home, it was time to pack. Liesel was on Spring Break the whole next week. We have been wanting to visit my Uncle Tom (my mother's brother) for some time now. So we headed to Maryland for most of the week with my Mom and Dad. Once we got there we were able to spend some time with Tom. It was so good to see him again. Here are some pictures from our time at his house.

While we were in Maryland, we were close enough to Washington DC so we decided to spend two full days touring the city. Riding the metro from Maryland into the city was our first adventure and the kids loved it......well the big kids at least. Jensen did not enjoy it as much. Trying to entertain an antsy toddler on a crowded subway with no escape is something I do not want to do on a regular basis. Whewww! This picture says it all.
Liesel and Caedmon were excited.

We saw the Washington Monument first. They were not doing any tours since the earthquake. Apparently they were still doing repairs.
Next on the agenda was seeing some of the museums. Our first stop was the Museum of American History.

Liesel's first question when she saw this dollhouse was: "Can we buy it?" Nah, I don't think so. It is so cool though.

We enjoyed learning about all the past presidents.
I give a great presidential speech if anyone wants to hear it. HeHe!
I love this picture of Liesel in front of Nancy Reagan. Liesel and I walked through the section about the First Ladies. We enjoyed looking at their inauguration dresses and their china sets.

This museum was enjoyable because there was a lot to see and so much to learn. It was also relaxing because Jensen napped most of the time in his stroller :)
After we had lunch, we had scheduled a 2 hour bus tour. Our tour guide was very good and we were able to stop at a few major attractions and take pictures. Surprisingly Jensen did great on the tour even though his mother was a nervous wreck that he would disrupt other people. It was not a very crowded bus at all so he was able to walk around.
We stopped at the Capital. Jensen loved running on the lawn!
Liesel and I were very content just resting. LOL! I kept thinking how nice it would be to sit out on that huge grassy area and have a picnic or even take a nap :)
Jensen never sat and relaxed at this stop. He kept trying to find a way out. Good thing, there was a barricade.
The White House was nice to see but the kids wanted to know why we could not go in. It was also a long walk from where our bus driver dropped us off so I resorted to carrying Jensen on my shoulders while Craig did the same with Caedmon.

Can you find Liesel in the next picture? LOL!
We were all extremely tired after a long day of walking. Next time, I might want to tour the city this way.
Day Two: I had one huge wish for this trip......to go to Georgetown Cupcakes from the TLC show DC Cupcakes. I had heard on their website and seen on the show that it can be a long wait to get cupcakes. Craig, being the wonderful husband that he is, was willing to make my wish come true. It was not on our beaten path at all. The metro only took us to the edge of Georgetown and then we had to walk 12 blocks after that. Jensen had it easy in the stroller, but the kids were troopers. I kept encouraging them by reminding them how awesome those cupcakes were going to taste. Half way through the trip, they probably would have been just as happy with a cupcake that I made at home. Ha! I kept praying quietly to myself believing that we would not have to wait very long. We made it!
Since it was a weekday, our wait to get in was only about 20 minutes.It wasn't too hard to wait when you had such beauty to admire...........CUPCAKES!!!!!! I heard one guy behind me in line tell his wife "This better be worth it." Oh but it is!!!!!!

How does one decide with so many options? I think that is why Caedmon looks so stressed in that picture. HA! I must have asked the lady taking my order about ten questions and begging her for the best recommendations because I did not want to be disappointed. I should have told her my dramatic story of how far I walked to get there, but I spared her the drama.
I was so happy to get my hands on that cute pink box. I honestly think I was more excited than the kids if that is possible. I just love sweets!

Here they are!!!!!!!! We got six to start with :) They looked too good to eat, but we somehow managed to eat them! We split three so we all could get a taste.
Craig was so good to us.........he let us get three more so we had six to take back to our room. All I can say was they were decadent (especially the frosting) and they were DEFINITELY WORTH THE WALK!!! Craig may have a different opinion. LOL!
That afternoon, we went through a few more museums. Craig enjoyed the Air and Space Museum because he loves planes. I was still on a buzz from my cupcakes that I couldn't tell you much about that museum. Hehe! Caedmon and Liesel enjoyed themselves.
Caedmon is too funny!
So, I did not get any pictures in the museum that was what "Night at the Museum Smithsonian" was filmed at.I kind of forgot about the camera because it was very fun looking at all the animals in there. Our time was cut short in there because they had a dinner planned for some important guests apparantely :( I do hope to come back when the kids are older and we all can handle more time touring.
Liesel wanted a picture in front of the tower at the Maryland Metro station as a memory of the fun she had on the train. If you ask both of them to this day what their favorite thing to do in DC was they will tell you.........riding the Metro! Yeah, I don't get it! Just yesterday, Caedmon told ne he wanted to move to a big city like DC so he could do all that stuff everyday.
Our time in Maryland and DC was super fun and we made many memories!