A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Monday, August 6, 2012

4th of July

We had an interesting 4th of July. The funny thing is I did not remember to take pictures for most of the holiday. I guess I was having too much fun. So here is how it all went down.
On the 3rd of July, we decided to try something different and go see Garner fireworks instead of Fuquay Varina fireworks. The kids were dressed in cute patriotic shirts we made together. This is where I would insert a picture........but oh well! HA!
We met Scooter and Jeni at church and followed each other out to Benson park. We met some more friends from church there. We had a nice little group there. We were eating, kids were playing, but above us you could see how a storm seemed to be approaching. They kept announcing that they were keeping a watch on the weather and would let us know. At one point they told us that a storm was going to hit us so we all went to our cars. In case you have never experienced it, it is not great fun gathering kids and all your stuff and rushing back to your car. *Sense my sarcasm?* We waited and waited and waited, but the storm never came. We went back to our spots like other people and eventually they started the fireworks. About five minutes into the fireworks, Town of Garner workers were walking through the field telling everyone that a huge storm was heading for us in 3 minutes and to leave for your car right away for your safety. Now, I can exaggerate myself pretty darn good........but let me tell you......these people were acting like an F-5 tornado was coming. Again, we packed up all our stuff in the dark this time, ran to the car while the kids whined and complained about missing the fireworks. YAY!!! We got in our car, tried to watch the end of the fireworks from our car. It was over and guess what? It never rained a single drop. Yet, we got to spend the next 45 minuted waiting in a traffic jam. I know they were trying to keep us safe, but I hope next year our experience in Garner is less stressful and more relaxing.
On the actual fourth of July we had a cookout with friends at the Ragland's house. The highlight of the afternoon was when Craig and I beat Scooter and Jeni in corn hole. That was fun :) Jeni and I don't usually play because the men are playing themselves. I am sure they enjoyed the change this one time. Some of the time our husbands were getting frustrated at us. LOL!!!
Since we still had not seen fireworks the right way. We took the kids to Holly Springs fireworks on the 5th. It was nice to have a relaxed time as a family. This time I remembered the camera. Jensen and Caedmon were so cute as they waited for the fireworks to start.
I love Jensen looking at Caedmon as if to say: "You are a fun brother." Either that or "You are crazy!"
There is my handsome husband.
We had lot's of fun!!!!
Jensen thought it was cute to walk away and have us chase him. I didn't think it was so cute. LOL!
I think Liesel looks so beautiful in this picture :)
Yes, we finally got to see fireworks. It was a successful end to a crazy, busy holiday.

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