A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Friday, July 29, 2011

Beach trip July 2011

We went to the beach with my parents about 2 weeks ago. While we were there, we celebrated my dad's birthday. We had a great time. It was Jensen's 3rd beach trip but first time where it was warm enough for him to enjoy the beach. Once we got to the ocean, Liesel and Caedmon did not waste any time getting in the water so I took advantage of the moment and took some pictures of Jensen's first time in the sand.
Jensen: "Ohh, what is that loud thing behind me?"
I got them all to sit for one picture....
I love making pictures black and white. It makes me stop and take in the moment.
I love this picture of Jensen with Craig and the kids in the background.
Jensen was very determined to not wear a hat. He kept taking it off.
I won getting the hat to stay on for a little bit at least. I sat Jensen in the water right where the waves were just getting his feet. I sat with him the whole time. Unfortunately I missed one coming in and it hit him right in the face pretty good. He got his first taste of sand and salt water. He did not like it and wanted to be held only.
Caedmon is so content in the ocean. He likes sitting where the waves break and chasing them. After two days, he said he did not want to go back to ocean and would rather stay at the pool. I was surprised so I asked him why and he said "because I do not like getting sand RIGHT THERE...it hurts!!" I will let you imagine where he pointed...HA!

Liesel loves to pose in the ocean.

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to be out there when the sun is setting and enjoy that beautiful atmosphere. I also like to take pictures during that time....what a surprise :)
As soon as I put Jensen down in the sand he got really upset. I think he remembered how last time he got soaked. Liesel and Caedmon tried to comfort him. It was so sweet! See the look one his face :(
I was able to calm him down.....getting out of the sand worked......
Liesel and Caedmon are so fun and easy to take pictures of.
Jensen got the hang of it......sort of...LOL!

My nail polish was scented "beach" flavor. How perfect!
My sweet kids!

Here is a picture of my mom, me and Liesel. I love my mom!
After taking a few pictures, this is the best shot we have of the Berry Family on the beach........
I love Liesel's pose!
The kids decided to cover up Craig's legs :)
I love how Liesel sneaks into this picture....so cute!
One of the mornings we were on the beach, there was a professional photographer taking pictures of a young couple in love. I enjoyed watching the stuff the photographer had them do. It was so sweet. My dad and husband on the other hand were making jokes towards the end of their session. They said they are going to wonder when they get their pictures back who the people in their pictures are(US!!) I sure hope they are going to have the computer take the family with 3 kids out of their pictures. Anyways, one shot the photographer had the couple running down the beach and leaping. I thought we should try it to be funny. Liesel laughed so hard at how goofy I was being. One time we leaped into the air, I hit her in the head with my elbow. She was a good sport and got back up. Most of the pictures, I look very wierd so I will only post one of me. I told Craig I would never forgive him if he posted them on facebook. LOL! Just so you know, it is hard to look cool when you are leaping in the air. I hope the couple looked cuter than I did.
Liesel and Caedmon joined in the fun.

Craig and Liesel went to ride the SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach. It is a new ferris wheel. They were in air conditioned gondolas, I thought they said. Apparantely, there are only a handful of these ferris wheels in the world. For the record, I am terribly afraid of heights so I would not go but Liesel was so brave. She admitted to me she was a little scared. A little? I would have been freaking out!!!! I love roller coasters because I feel secure but not a ferris wheel or standing over a ledge.

We had a great beach trip. Looking forward to next year :)

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