A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer has been fun so far......

We have had a fun, yet busy summer so far. I cannot believe that Liesel will be going back to school in a month. Time flies when you are having fun :)

Liesel and Caedmon spent a few days visiting Craig's mom and step dad and while they were gone, I convinced my wonderful husband to paint Caedmon's room. We moved into our new house over a year ago and since I was pregnant at the time, painting rooms only happened based on high priority. Caedmon's room was low on the list and he had been telling us that he wanted a yellow room so badly. Yellow is his favorite color. He asked me often why he was the only one in the house whose room was not painted. It made me sad :( Despite the fact that it was Father's Day weekend, Craig agreed to paint his room with me!!! After it was all painted, we finally got him a new set of bunk beds. Up until that point, he was still in his toddler bed. He loved it for a long time but he was outgrowing it. My mom and dad came over on Father's Day and my dad kindly helped Craig and I put the bunk beds together. I did actually help with some of it....LOL! Here are the final results:
 Caedmon was so surprised when he got home and loves playing in his new room!
One weekend at the end of June, two of our friends were getting married in the mountains. We dropped Liesel and Caedmon off at Craig's dad and step mom's house, took Jensen with us and headed out for a nice relaxing weekend. We shared a cabin with another couple. It was so relaxing. Here is a picture of us in the hot tub at our cabin and the view from the cabin and YES, we have a view like that at our house in Fuquay...LOL!

The wedding was beautiful in a great outdoor location overlooking the mountains. I had to get a picture of me and my wonderful husband :)
Fourth of July weekend was upon us. I took the kids to an event at AC Moore to make American Flag t-shirts with spray paint. The kids really enjoyed it. Liesel kept telling everyone that she made it. She was proud of her work. Here are the kids at a cook-out on the 4th.
Jensen and I decided to match with our Old Navy t-shirts.
I got the camera out yesterday to take some pictures of the kids. We all laughed so much because Jensen was the hit of the party being silly. I love watching him observe his surroundings. I have made a point with this baby to relax and enjoy the little things about babies. When Caedmon and Liesel were babies, I worried a lot and was so exhausted that they grew up too quickly. I still worry sometimes and I am more exhausted now that I have three kids...LOL!! I just make a point now to sit down and watch Jensen explore his world. Here are the highlights of our Oh, Not, So, Professional, Picture Session.
My three beautiful children:
Jensen gave them a look like "What are you all doing?"
Caedmon loves being with Jensen.
Jensen was so silly and happy. "This family is crazy!"
Liesel wanted her turn to get a picture with Jensen.
Liesel has been playing dolls a lot more lately. She carries them all around the house. All of a sudden, she ran to get her dolls and asked me if she could get the whole family in the picture. I called Caedmon over and she told me that she just wanted Jensen only with her and all her dolls. Well then!!!! She loves Caedmon, but these dolls are like the sisters she does not have :) Good thing Caedmon did not really know he was left out of this family picture. HaHa!!! It was so funny watching Jensen's reaction to all the dolls. "Oh, when did you get here????"
"Yeah, it's a party now!"
"This one is my girlfriend."
"Hi Ariel!!! Nice hair."

After we stopped laughing, Caedmon said he wanted to kiss Jensen. I did not prompt him to do that. This is true love Caedmon shows to Jensen every day. Sometimes, it is TOO much that is rough for Jensen but this time he was so gentle. He does listen to me when I say GENTLE 50 times a day! :)
A few sweet and funny things Caedmon said the other day:
1. Jensen was playing with me and I got up to go to the other room. Since Jensen's attachment to me is still evident, he started to cry. Caedmon turned to him and said "It's okay Jensen, I am here with you."
2. I asked Caedmon to go fix me some breakfast one morning to be funny. He responded back with his funny comment except his was serious......."I can't bake breakfast because I can't flip anything." I guess since I make a lot of pancakes and muffins a lot, he thinks I flip things...LOL!!!
3. Caedmon was doing a maze in a coloring book and after he was done he said "That was easy, because I got skills!!!" Who knows where he heard that. :) All we needed was the Staples red EASY button!!!

We are headed to the beach tomorrow for a few days. So excited!

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