A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

End of Summer fun!

These past two weeks have been fun trying to squeeze in any activities we wanted to do before school started back for Liesel.
I went back through pictures to remind myself what happened. I wish I was better at taking pictures more often than I do. I found pictures the day of our anniversary. That afternoon the kids were so excited about doing something nice for us. They brought us a meal they made in the play kitchen. Craig had already left for work, so I was the only one who got to enjoy it. It was sweet. Notice the card: Liesel forget to include "Daddy" so she had to squeeze it in!
They also wanted to put on a play for Craig and I. They practiced for me a few times and even had me participate. I couldn't tell you what the play was really about because it seemed to change every few minutes. LOL! I know there were a few different plays or scenes because the characters kept changing :) Here is Caedmon as the chef:
Liesel was the waitress (I think)
Then the play changed to a cheerleader and a football player. This is where I participated. It was very thoughtful of Liesel to make the play be about NC State and UNC. She always does that and tells me often that she does not know who to cheer for :) I was the UNC fan....of course! Here are my cute children being fun. I love how Caedmon is pointing at the camera.
After they practiced the play, they were ready to show it to me and Craig. The play was a lot different from practice. HaHa! This time I did not have my camera and I wish I did. Liesel comes up with most of the ideas and Caedmon just goes along with whatever his big sister tells him to do. It is very sweet to watch how much he looks up to her. He plays Barbies with her just to be with her, but that it a whole other blog! Anyways! There was a doctor and a patient in the play. Caedmon comes out with a oven mitt from their play kitchen over his mouth and nose and a rubber band around his head to hold it up. Craig and I looked at each other and laughed. We asked them to explain and Liesel told us it was a mask that doctors wear. So funny! Why did I not have my camera and before I knew it, the oven mitt was off of his face :) He said it was hot.

Caedmon is obsessed (and I say that mildly) with playing games on Craig's phone. He is very good, I might add. His favorite game is Angry Birds. As soon as Craig walks in the door, he asks Craig for his phone. Craig often says "Glad you are happy to see me....." Good thing I do not have it on my phone or we would have to make some time limits. Here he is playing intently. Now I have proof to show him one day.
The first weekend in August, my best friend Bethany (from my childhood and still to this day) came to visit with her family. We had a blast. We laughed and giggled like we did when we were kids. Most of the time, I do not even know what we were laughing about. LOL! We have been friends since 4th or 5th grade. It just seems right and even though she lives in Charlotte and I live here, this is a friendship I will cherish forever :) I got the camera out to take some shots of our boys (minus Jensen). Here is Caedmon, Zeke and Nate (in the middle).
Since they both had on Super Hero PJ's. I asked them to make a scary/tough face and this is what we got.
When I look at this next picture, I see Bethany and I :) It makes me happy to know that our children will be friends as well. They got along so well even though they barely ever get to see each other.There are meant to be friends, just like Bethany and I.
Jensen turned 10 months old August 4th. Here is my note to Jensen:
Jensen, you have been such a blessing to this family these past 10 months. Here is what is happening in your life. You have one tooth. In the past few weeks, you finally have begun to eat solid food after much rejection on your part. You now love them :) Mommy is even making some homemade baby food. She is very proud of herself! You say Dada and my favorite: BLAH!! Makes us all laugh. Is life BLAH for you Jensen? HaHa.Shouldn't be in this family :) You also have begun blowing raspberries. Not so Fun! You also stick out your tongue when you are playing or trying to figure out what is going on. You are quite nosey!  MimiDaddy says you are going to be a basketball player since you act like Michael Jordan
You have not shown a desire to crawl up until the past few weeks. Lately you have been on all fours thinking about it. For a while, you have been doing what I call a backwards crawl....scooting away. I think that you have been so content sitting in one spot and/or rolling around because of the constant commotion from your older brother and sister. Today was the day you became confident to branch out of your "sitting spot" and crawled!!! Yeah! Now I have got to baby proof even more. We love you! Soon, you will be walking. OH MY!!!
Here are some sweet pictures of Jensen taking a bath and after in his towel. So Sweet!

 Nice Hair!!!

Liesel started second grade yesterday. I can't believe she is in second grade. When we walked Liesel into her class, there was a hidden picture page on her desk. Caedmon loves to do them. Liesel was unpacking her stuff when Caedmon came up to her and told her he found the first item for her. He did not want to leave because he wanted to help her finish. It was cute. Her she is on her first day.
Here are some funny things Liesel and Caedmon have said over the last month.
1. One day they were playing store. Caedmon came into Liesel's store and she said "Welcome to AcMoore." Later it became KMart. These are two stores we hardly ever go in. When Caedmon came to buy something, she asked him for his ID. He said "an idea? I have an idea."
2. It was time to clean up one afternoon before Daddy came home. I heard Caedmon tell Liesel "I don't hear you cleaning up." I did not know he was the clean up police. Ha!
3. Liesel told me that she wanted to be a Fashionist when she grew up. I am not sure what that is :)
4. Liesel has been memorizing a passage of scripture for her school this summer. In the verse it talked about the "consolation of love". Liesel still tends to say "constellation of love!" God did create the moon and stars :)
5. Caedmon asked me one day if Jensen was still zero. He wanted to know when his age would be 1 and no longer zero. I have never told him that Jensen was zero. So Cute!
6. Liesel was watching the food network with me one day. They were talking about a cooking contest. Liesel said I should enter my homemade chocolate chip cookies. They are really, really good and they are homemade. To win a contest though may be stretching it. It was very sweet that she is that proud of her mom's cooking.

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