A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jensen is 11 months and Marbles Museum

As I have mentioned before, Liesel has really shown much more of an interest in playing with dolls lately. In fact, I had packed up a lot of baby doll toys in a box in the attic to eventually sell when we were "for sure" done having kids and no more girls. We are done....LOL.....but Liesel wanted to get the stuff out. OH MY!!! One Saturday Liesel was playing away with all these dolls. Next thing I see, Liesel had put our Baby Bjorn on Caedmon with a doll in it and told him this was his doll to take care of. Now most brothers would probably not go along with this. Maybe since Caedmon is younger than Liesel he is more willing, but he played right along and had fun. Liesel had four dolls, a baby swing, bouncy seat and carrier she was carrying her dolls around with. At one point Caedmon says to her in typical Caedmon way: "Wow, I am glad I only have one doll to carry around and this thing on my stomach to help me so I can still do stuff. You have so many babies and so much to take with you when you go somewhere." Isn't is so typical of us women to have too much stuff and not simplify? HA! Here is a picture I got of Caedmon and he was not happy I got the shot.
By the way, on another note, I do not let my son go out in public with that shirt and shorts on. He picks out his own clothes now. He can justify how things match. Caedmon: "Stripes and Stripes match right?" Mommy: "Not most of the time Caedmon, they clash!" It is funny to watch. He also thinks he has to match the color of his underwear with his clothes. I do not know why he started that idea. LOL! Maybe one day I will be able to let him go out dressed like that and not worry what people think :)
The other day I got out some of Caedmon and Liesel's old toys for Jensen to play with now that he is getting older. Caedmon was so excited, he played with them more than Jensen did. Here is Caedmon playing intensely with the new toys.
One of the toys we got out was that ball popper. Jensen loves playing with balls. When the balls came popping out fast the first time, he was so upset that he could not grab them. It was so funny to watch. He is now more comfortable with the new toy. I will add the video to another blog post.

Jensen turned 11 months September 4th. To do something fun that day, we took the kids to Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh. I am sure Jensen did not even know what was going on most of the time but he enjoyed himself. Later on after dinner, the fact that he missed his afternoon nap because of the museum was very evident. I will just leave it at that! We have not been to Marbles Museum in forever. I think Liesel was four years old and Caedmon has never been. It is a children's museum with so many fun things to do that I am sure we will be going back again soon. I will talk about that later in the post.
Jensen is now crawling everywhere much faster than he was. He has a second tooth that just came in. He is clapping and he likes to pass stuff to people. So if you are sitting next to him he will pass/share his toys with you. Last night we were sitting on the floor playing when he grabbed my water bottle. He passed it to me and I said thank you. He then wanted it back. We ended up passing the bottle back and forth to each other about 20 times and he laughed and smiled so much. Can someone tell me why we bother buying toys? HaHa!!! Water bottles are so much cheaper. LOL!  It has been fun to watch how much more interactive he is with Caedmon and Liesel. When they are coming towards him, he gets so excited. He babbles to them to get their attention. They make a sound and he repeats it. Soon he is going to be running around chasing them through the house wanting to play with his big brother and sister.
Marbles Museum was very fun. It is a great place for kids to creatively play which is what Liesel and Caedmon really love to do.I have included some pictures of the fun day.
Liesel's three favorite things to do there was shopping, cooking and being a patient on crutches. Shopping and cooking is understandable because she is a girl :) However, Liesel has shown an interest for a while in crutches. I guess she thinks they are cool. A few years ago she actually asked for crutches and a wheelchair for her "my twin" doll. She finds things around the house to be "pretend" crutches. She even suggests to her friends when they are playing that she should be on crutches and also have braces. Wow! I was on crutches for a sprained ankle in college.  I also had braces late in life, actually when I was pregnant with Liesel and beyond. Neither one of them are fun. LOL! When Liesel found those crutches at the museum, she was so excited and walked around on them until she realized it was actually kind of painful. :)

On the pirate ship, Liesel wanted to be the pirate and, no surprise, Caedmon found a game to play!!!

In the block area we found buildings that people had built before us. Caedmon asked to get in one of them. Once we put him in, we started to walk away and leave him there. We laughed....he did not! We only added to this building. I can't imagine how long it took someone else.

Caedmon and Liesel enjoyed sorting the money. If Liesel only knew she was practicing school work!
Craig and Jensen are taking a break. Wow, Jensen has a ball in his hand??? What a surprise!!! Sense the sarcasm? HaHa! He is going to play some sport when he grows up as much as he loves playing with balls. Future Tarheel? Sorry Craig! ;)

At the pizza parlor, Caedmon made me a yummy pizza. I wish I actually liked those toppings! :) It was funny watching them pretend to be pizza bike delivery people. Does that make sense? Ha! What would you call them?

 Who are these kids with the big hat?
My kids are worth more than 100 dollars. They definitely cost more than that!

Can I get a cage like this at home? LOL!!! It could come in handy sometimes!
They had a little hockey rink the kids could play on in their socks. They loved it! Me and Craig enjoyed watching them as well.....fall that is!!!. Laughter is great medicine :)
Check out Liesel's crossover move and her dance skills became evident. Wrong sport sweetie! Hockey is not that graceful! LOL!

I loved all the quotes around the rink. "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." "Caedmon, the opening to the goal is on the other side."
A good quote from Mia Hamm: "True Champions aren't always the ones that win but those with the most guts." What else can you expect from a former Tarheel!
That looks like it hurts Caedmon!
Way to practice your slap shot with 2 pucks Little Guy!!!!
After hockey we found this fun surfing simulator. It shook back and forth. It was actually a little hard. I tried it!

Jensen got in on the fun and loved riding on his brother's back.

Caedmon had so much fun on the big train set.
Yes, Caedmon is driving the ambulance with that on his head! :)
As you can see, we had a great time and hope to go back soon!

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