A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Brother.....Little Brother!

One recent morning Caedmon was playing with his USA puzzle. He loves puzzles. He especially likes taking out all of the states and putting them back in.
 Jensen decided to get involved in his own way.
"I wonder what my brother is doing over there. It looks interesting enough to check out."
"Here I go to disrupt something."
And he is off!!!!!!
Caedmon was not happy when Jensen came and messed with the states in his puzzle. I helped Caedmon out by moving Jensen. Next thing I see is what Caedmon called his trap to keep Jensen out. Very creative I must say! Caedmon said Jensen will want to play with his toys instead of his puzzle.
He made it even more structured. He was very proud of his trap by this point and forgot about playing with the puzzle.
You give up Jensen? Caedmon's plan worked for a few minutes until Jensen realized he could crawl around the table on the other side. Caedmon became a little discouraged but decided to build a trap with pillows from the couch. Jensen eventually crawled right through both traps and we put the puzzle up.
Caedmon, little brothers may be annoying at times but who else will get in a laundry basket with you? HaHa!

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