A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jensen's First Birthday Party!

Well, I survived the party. I told Craig I wanted to do something simple this time. For Liesel's first birthday, I went overboard to say the least. First birthdays are interesting because the baby really has no idea what is going on. Either way, I still wanted to do something because some day he will look at the pictures and this blog. We had family from out of town and a few close friends from church to celebrate the first year of his life.
Jensen and I were ready to party! He was a little overwhelmed when everyone arrived, so he stayed close to me. Pretty typical of my MOMMA'S BOY! I love it. He even shed a few tears in the beginning.
"Craig, get in the picture too!!!!!"
Here is Aunt Alisa and Uncle Frank. Cute couple...........
The kids were enjoying themselves at the party. Yeah I do not know why Caedmon is standing that way. Just Being Caedmon!!!!!!
Aunt Alisa is silly! It was great to have Craig's family join us from Morganton. We really appreciate them driving over 3 hours for the party. Well, my mom and dad made the long trip from 5 minutes away. LOL! Mammaw Jonas is Jensen's great grandma. Super cool that she was able to come. Mom, Dad, Sandy, Mammaw, Alisa, Frank, Janice and Nolan.............thanks for coming!
After lunch it was time for cake. Jensen gave me the look: "Mommmy, do I have to wear this?" Sweet Wendy gave all the first birthday stuff to Jensen the day before. The funny thing is, she said "I am sure you already had something for him to wear." I did not think that far ahead about that detail. HA! Thanks Wendy for the great gift!
"OK Mom, let's get this over with. I am getting a little embarrassed"
I was about to light the candle and Craig suggested not to. HeHe! What's a birthday party without excitement? The whole time we were singing, Jensen made this face like "What is going on here. Why is everyone staring at me?"
I love the look on Caedmon's face. Now why can't he make cute faces when I want his picture taken on purpose? That would be too easy I guess.
Okay Jensen, here is your cake. You will not hear this often from mommy, but eat away!!!! He is not quite sure what to do. "This feels weird!"
Let the mushing begin! PRICELESS!!!!
I started to feed him and show him that the cake is not just a toy. He began to like it after all.
What a mess! Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike messy children?!?
I think we have had enough......especially after he started to smear it on the side of his face and hair.

This is the cake Jeni and I made for the adults. The kids got cupcakes. Jensen loves balls, so he had a cake with gumballs. The kids enjoyed that.
Jensen was helping clean up......not my idea of cleaning up though! He was spreading the crumbs back and forth.
Here is what is left of the cake Jensen had.......The Aftermath!
I kind of forgot about him for a little bit and when I looked back, he was still savoring the crumbs. LOL!
"Craig, are you really giving him more?"
Time for presents........Liesel was so helpful holding Jensen as Liesel (I mean Jensen...wink) opened the gifts.
I think the kids were more excited about what was in the bags.
"If I left this chaos, would anyone notice? It is time for my nap anyways."
"Opa, are you as excited as the kids about what is in that box?"
Jensen found something familiar....one of his balls....and was content with that!
Jensen, I hope you enjoyed your first birthday. I loved planning it for you. Love Mommy!

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