A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Caedmon!

I would say that it is an understatement that I am a little bit behind on documenting our memories. Caedmon turned 6 November 28th....2012. With his birthday, Liesel's birthday, Disney trip, Christmas and the start of a new year........I am NOW ready to document all the fun we had the past few months.
Caedmon was very excited about his birthday this year probably because he was now in school and had many friends he wanted to invite to celebrate his birthday with him. When asked what kind of birthday he wanted, Caedmon said "Wipeout!" That is one of his favorite shows and he wanted to reenact the show at our house. As we started discussing ideas, Caedmon seemed to disagree with Craig and I and he kept saying "this does not sound like the show." I told him that I did not want to have parents sign waivers (ah..hem) before they left their child in our capable hands for a birthday party. LOL! We decided on an obstacle course and relay games. Craig is always saying that Caedmon could very likely grow up to be a game show host since he is a walking human game show. :) This party seemed like it would be fun for him even though it did not include......huge rubber balls and a huge pool of water to fall into. Ha!
Among all the fun of the obstacle course, I was so busy timing the kids that I did not get any pictures. They had to crawl thru a big box, walk on a beam of wood, ring jump (similar to a tire jump) jump in a bag, crawl under and over a table, shoot basketballs and crab walk. They did an awesome job and were great competitors.
Next, it was time for relay races. The boys are ready!
Get those bean bags ready.........
Caedmon could not control his excitement as seen by this dancing. Love it!
Liesel had skills in the ping-pong ball spoon race. No eggs this time.......I am not a big fan of raw eggs in my backyard ;) In hind-sight I guess I could have boiled the eggs. hehe!
How many rings can you get in the tub? That many? well aren't you the bomb!(Yes it is still the 90's IMO)
You can see how kind and caring Caedmon is with his friends. I don't know if he was trying to hug Jeffrey or he was so ready for his next turn.HaHa!
I joined in the fun of tossing marshmallows. Aubrie and I were a pretty good team!
Group picture time! What a fun day!
Caedmon how is the cupcake? Do you like it?
I am positive Jensen does :)

Caedmon gave medals to all his friends for their awesome participation in the games.
I love how Liesel helped Caedmon during present time by reading the cards to him. What a blessing my kids are to each other. They always act that way towards each other (ah...hem) ;)
The party was a success. After all the boys left, I put my feet up on the couch and RELAXED! Just in case you didn't know......having a house full of boys is loud and a tad bit stressful. And to think, 3 boys he invited couldn't make it. Oh My! Craig was a wonderful husband and father! I helped him with ideas but he set everything up and was the ring leader that day at our Wipeout Circus!!!!!

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