A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Liesel!!!!

It is a bit stressful having 3 kids with birthdays back to back: Jensen 10/4, Caedmon 11/28 and Liesel 12/10. The one good thing is that even though it is a super crazy busy time of year, we get it all taken care of around the same time of year.
Last but not least, let's talk about Miss Liesel and her 9th birthday. I felt bad telling Liesel that this year her birthday was going to have to be low key. We were leaving for Disney 4 days after her birthday and I knew I could not have a huge party. We decided on a baking party. She invited a small group of girls. My sweet friend Krista, along with help from Jeni's mom Cindy, made aprons for the girls out of hand towels. What a cool idea. Apparently, her mom made an apron like that for her when she was a little girl. I love stories like that :) I found some fun paper chef hats. The girls decorated them with markers to get the fun started.
Aprons and hats are on, let's cut out cookies!
Liesel working hard on that cookie dough.......
While the cookies were baking, it was time for the awesome cookie cake! It was a cookie kind of day :) My kind of day....Ha!
Liesel was super excited about this cake, I was too! I love cookie cakes.....So Yum!
I just love the next 3 pictures. Liesel is anxiously waiting on her cake and enjoying her "special" moment as we sing to her. Wow, is that really my 9 year old daughter? When did that happen :(

During all this "girly stuff" Craig, Scooter and the boys played on their own. Scooter quickly realized how Jensen will use anything he finds as a bat. He asks you to throw a ball to him so he can hit it. This time the bat was a car. LOL!
Umm, Yes Caedmon, I did catch you wearing flip-flops with socks. What is that all about?????
Are we having fun yet OR is Mommy already stressed?!? I think this picture is post cookie cake :)
Caedmon and Jensen enjoyed the cake as well. Come to think of it, I don't recall a time they have ever turned down cake or cookie.....

Thanks Scooter for cleaning Jensen after what must have been some messy hands and face. What a good friend!!
The cookies have baked, cookie cake has been eaten........it must be time to decorate the cookies. Jeni and I are frantically sorting each girl's cookies onto plates. We had a good system but we could not have done it without my mom and Jeni's mom helping too. Each girl's cookie was labeled on the parchment paper as it cooked and their plates were labeled to put decorated cookies on. I am pretty certain no one got the wrong cookie. I mean, this is important stuff people. Ha! My life is now complete. LOL!
......Liesel at work in decorating her cookies. "Just make sure some of the toppings and icing make it on the cookies and not only in your mouth!"
Now there are some busy bees :)
The party was so much fun. The cookie day was a success!!! YAY! We love you Liesel Emily Berry and wish you a wonderful birthday.
Time to get ready for Disney.............coming soon on the next entry!

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