A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Friday, September 10, 2010

The waiting game begins....

Hi everyone,

I decided that it was finally time for me as a mom to start a family blog so friends and family can keep up with what is going on in The Berry Family.
So, you are now reading my first official blog!!! YAY!  Aren't you excited?
As you can see from the title, I am 37 weeks pregnant today with our third child and our second boy. I am praying that he comes soon because I cannot wait to meet him. Now, the waiting game begins!!! I promise to hopefully keep up with this blog as soon as the baby is born but if I do not, there is always one of my best friends...FACEBOOK!!!
We still have not officially decided on a name for this baby. For some reason, Craig and I have had a very difficult time agreeing on a name. I have one that I am leaning towards....so we will see if it is what we end up with.
Kids say the funniest things and I want to end this blog with one from Caedmon and Liesel. Caedmon a few weeks ago said something that made me smile and I am sure I already posted it on facebook, but I need to put it on here, to make sure I remember it for years to come. One night, both Caedmon and Liesel were watching their baby brother move in my belly. Since my belly button is poked out, he pointed to it and said..."Look, that is his finger trying to touch me."  So funny!
Just this afternoon, Liesel was able to get out of school early today and she was telling me about two girls in her class that we really good friends and how they already knew each other before school started. She told me that they have been friends since they were babies. After talking about it for a few more minutes, she said, "They have even known each other since the day they were born. Their moms were both at the hospital at the same time hugging while both girls were born at the very same time!! It is true mom...Kelly told me" I laughed at this statement because she said it so dramatically and even acted out the moms hugging while giving birth. I cannot imagine this actually happening, but I guess you never know. My children teach me something every day and today Liesel taught me to use my imagination and be more trusting of what my friends are saying. In her mind, if Kelly said it, it is true. Children have no reason to doubt people.
Have a great day and kep smiling :)

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