A Bunch of Berries

A Bunch of Berries

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is it about Mondays?

I know that it is not Monday.....but this week I thought a lot about why I do not like Mondays. Every Sunday night, I get this feeling of dread come over me. That is because I do not like Mondays!! The weekend is such a fun time for me. The phrase: "I live to get to the weekend" is too familiar to me. I love the freedom you have when the weekend comes. I get excited about the adventures we may experience. I love family time and when it is the weekend my husband is home and we are a team again. He is there to help me with my kids.....which I really need :)

The funny thing about all this is deep down I am really not a spontaneous, adventurous person. I love to be busy and doing new things but I also am an extreme planner. That is why Craig and I compliment each other so well, yet also butt heads too often. He does not plan and is more than willing to get up and go at a moment's notice. I love that about him and maybe that is why I love the weekend so much. I have to admit it though, it is very hard for me when we go do something that I did not plan ahead of time. The reason I like to plan so much is because I want to make sure we enjoy every possible minute of our life. As Craig always says, it is very hard for me to just relax. After having children, I am willing to sit and rest much more than I ever have in my whole life. I enjoy that quiet that is so hard to find! Yet, I still want to feel as if I am accomplishing something. I think to myself as I sit and relax: "What could I be doing right now?"

When we go on vacation, the first day we are there, I want to spend as much time as it takes talking about all we want to do and when we are going to do it. I would dislike having to leave a vacation with a list of things I wanted to do and see incomplete. Craig and I have yet to go on a cruise and we hope to take one soon. Everytime we talk about it, I list all the awesome things we can do and he wants to do them to. However, he tells me how he wants to just sit and relax on a chair by the pool as well. Maybe I will just have to find another person like me who will play with me while Craig is napping by the pool. LOL!!!!

This Monday was a good one. I made plans with a good friend to take our kids to the park. Both of our middle children are boys and close in age. They play really well together. We have older daughters in school and we both have babies. So, to say the least, we have a lot in common :) When we got to the park at 9ish, the playground was a little damp from rain over the weekend. I brought an old towel with me to dry the slides but Caedmon got ahead of me because I guess.....like mother, like son....he could not wait!! Next time I saw him, his whole backside of his pants was WET!!! The funny thing, he did not even complain about it. He played the rest of the time wet and had a blast. By the time we got to the car, he was ready to get out of his wet pants. Since I knew we were going straight home, I let him take off his pants and ride home in the car in a t-shirt and underwear. This Monday was so fun and nothing to dread. It was so funny to me as we drove away that my son was riding in the car without pants. I just had a great time with a great friend.  The thing I learned this week is that it is possible to make a Monday feel like a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It is all about your attitude.
Good thing I did not get pulled by a cop. How would I explain the boy in the backseat with no pants? LOL!!!

Do you ever have times as a parent where you wish there was a built-in video camera to capture your memories? I do!!! One morning I was sitting at the computer holding my sweet Jensen and I could not stop singing Ariel's song from The Little Mermaid "Part of that world" Liesel has the Disney princess soundtrack and she listens to all the songs from the movies in our car a lot. So, no wonder the song was etched in my brain. All of a sudden, I noticed Jensen was observing me intently. He started to sing along if that makes sense. He was making noises and trying to engage with me. Once I noticed it, I became more exaggerated in my singing and of course it made him laugh. I did not know all the words and probably looked very silly, but it is a memory I will remember forever. That was a moment in my life where I wish I had somehow had a built-in camera that recorded one of those sweet moments of parenting.

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